The quickset hedge

A popular saying goes like this :
« At Saint Catherine’s Day, all wood dies or gets back to life »

So, in November 1996, during two whole days, in the snow and rain, all the secondary classes of the inferior cycle and the pupils in year 6 of the annexed primary school planted a wild quickset hedge around a previous playground situated behind the main building of the school.

This hedge is made of 10 different kinds of native trees

48 prunus avium (wild cherry tree) 80 crataegus monogyna (hawthorn)
80 rosa canina (dog rose bush) 24 prunus spinosa (blackthorn)
60 cornus sanguinea (common dogwood) 56 euonymus europaea (European spindle tree)
40 sambucus nigra (common elder) 40 cornus mas (European cornel)
80 corylus avellana (hazelnut tree) 16 Ilex aquifoluim (holly )

So, in all : 524 plants

Distribution of the bushes 
The following day at 12 o’clock we were nearing the end!
At 8 :30, it is still dark