In 1995, the pupils in science in year 2 won the first prize « UAB Nature », thanks to a bats protection project

This first prize, for which they received a 3 750€ cheque, allowed us to move from the conception to the realization of this project. 

This meant: 
Providing winter shelter by closing in 2 sites to allow bats hibernation.
Building and installing summer shelters
The installation of an old orchard site behind the school in order to get food for the bats

In Autumn 1996, a quickset hedge was then planted all around the orchard. 
In spring 1998, a pond was installed and in 2003 a weather station was added. 

The installation of this orchard has allowed, time after time, the development of a natural biotope ,by increasing biodiversity. Moreover ,this area extends the natural site of Beaumont (classified as Natura 2000) and therefore takes part in the ecological plan of the area.