Who are we?


We are students from the Athénée royal d'Esneux. During our lessons about the biotope, we take care about a nature reserve situated behind the main building of our school (see A little history ).
In September 2007, we have introduced a project to Green Belgium for a competition called "Canal Nature". Our project consists in creating a "nature discovery path" through our nature reserve to make people aware of the importance of biodiversity. This idea was selected and we have obtained a prize of 500€ to make this project come true.
This path will be inaugurated on the 17th May 2008 during the open days of our school.
We will also take part to the Expo-Sciences which will occur on the 8, 9 and 10 May 2008 in Heysel with a stand named: "For more biodiversities...".
In order to show to a larger group of people what we did about biodiversity in our school, we also have realized this little web site and decided to participate to a competition called "Crackduweb"


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