Flora - Fauna


On a beautiful day in May 98, the pond was dug by a local worker who used to be a pupil in our school. 

When the hole was finished, we successively put:

  • a layer of sand (5 m³), 
  • a trellis (70 m²), 
  • a felt (70 m²), 
  • a 1 mm thick plastic sheet (6,8 mon 12,20 m) . 
By the end of the day, the pond was filled with water thanks to a tanker from the town of Esneux.
In December 98, the sheet was held by quarry stones that were brought by the district of Esneux for free. The little stone wall that was built became a shelter for amphibians.

In September 1998, we noticed that there was a hole in the sheet (done by vandals)
we therefore decided to build a fence around the aquatic area which would also separate it from the flowered orchard round the pond.

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